writer / director / producer

23 minutes // 2014 // fiction



A story of lust and desire, of identity and sexuality. A young woman’s mundane life is turned upside down when she meets a sensuous older Spanish woman, who is passing through the sleepy English coastal town she lives in. Siren is a sexually explicit risqué look at women living and loving in modern Britain, exploring the overlooked subject of bisexuality. It’s the story of one woman’s desire for another, the confusion it causes and the powerful effect it can have on our actions.

Cast | Shian Denovan, Valeria Vereau and Christian Kinde

Director Of Photography | Laura Bellingham
Editor | Neil Fergusson
Composer | Victoria Wijeratne
Sound Design | Guy Fixsen
Company | Dead Flower Productions (now Freyja Films)

Iris Prize Festival – October 2014, UK
Underwire Festival – November 2014, UK
Mix Brasil Festival Culture of Diversity – November 2014, UK
London Short Film Festival – January 2015, UK
Borderlines Festival – March 2015, UK
Queer Vision Bristol Pride – April 2015, UK
Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival – May 2015, Canada
Fairytales Queer Film Festival – May 2015, Canada
Eros Festival – June 2015, Portugal
Frameline: San Francisco LGBT Film Festival – June 2015, USA
Las Vegas Lift Off Film Festival – June 2015, USA
Nottingham Alternative Film Festival – September 2015, UK
Image + Nation LGBT Film Festival – November 2015, Canada
Shorts On Tap: Women in Revolt – April 2016, UK

Praise for Siren

When watching hundreds of submissions in a year it can be easy to forget but every year there are a few rare gems that stick with you completely. Siren is one of those films. A film that still pops into my head and can take me right back to the way I felt when I first watched it. An incredible achievement and a great film, it holds a permanent place on my list of most treasured shorts that I have had the pleasure of programming.

Jenna Dufton – Programming Coordinator at InsideOut Toronto LGBT Film Festival

Both sexually explicit and magically realist, SIREN illustrates the vivid pain of bisexuality: not knowing where your love fits in a binary world that insists you’re one OR the other. A story of both desire and identity, English Rose Elizabeth goes on a journey where she is reborn as her fully realised self at last. A wonderfully constructed story I wish I could have seen as a confused teenager.

Lucy V Hay – Author and script reader at Bang 2 Write

Internal and honest, Siren was one of those shorts that simply made our programme. A textured, multi layered piece which gave great insight into sexuality, choice and the idea of identity. Not just excellent during its screening but great in the retrospective. Siren stays with you.

James Bradley – Head Programmer and Lift-Off Global Network Co-Founder.

A wonderful mix of compelling story and expert filmmaking, SIREN illustrates how to make a short, my favourite genre and the life blood of festivals such as ours.

Katharine Setzer – Director of Programming, image+nation, Montreal LGBT Film Festival

UK Film Review

Right off the bat I noticed how calm and careful Cooke’s approach was. Captured with a soft and steady hand, Siren looks stunning. It’s always a wonderful surprise when a short film has a seemingly high budget, not only lending towards the visuals, but the phenomenal talents involved…

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